What have we been up to?

This is a quick preview of just some of the timelapse we have been filming over the last couple of years.

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Our workflow

See how we go from thousands of photos, to a few seconds of film. Our timelapse workflow is all here.

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Like what you see? Give us a call on 02071831922 now or email us at hello@thetimelapsechaps.com

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Biography – Who are the Timelapse Chaps?

The Timelapse Chaps are your go to team for any form of timelapse photography. Whether your needs are broadcast, film, marketing, commercial or events, we have the expertise.

We can take care of everything right from the start, you give us the brief and the Timelapse Chaps give you a fully edited timelapse sequence. From the shoot to colour correction, using a range of equipment.

The Chaps have taken on many forms of timelapse photography, including day to night transitions, sunsets, sunrises, 360 degree timelapse, motion control and hyperlapses. All of these set ups normally require a good amount of pre planning. So we work with you from the very start, finding the perfect locations, equipment and times of day to get the best possible results.

What do we use?

Our high definition timelapses are shot in RAW format on Canon 5D cameras. Edited using Adobe After Effects and Lightroom software. This gives us full control over the final product. Although, if you require the RAW footage alone, the editing can be a totally optional extra.

Our 5D cameras are combined with a variety of lenses ranging from 10mm to 300mm. This all depends entirely on the project’s requirements and what suits your needs. Filming with this sort of camera means we can have a full frame shot, in 4K quality, resulting in a shot that captures as much, or a little of the surrounding area in the photograph. These cameras can still keep the same amount of detail.

We also have the ability to shoot long term timelapse and have previously had camera out in the field for over 4 years! Meaning there are no limitations. We can keep on going until the project is finished or you have got the shots that you need.

There’s much more information about each individual style on our website, but we would love to hear about your project. So get in touch now to hear about how we may be able to help you.

Call or email now and let us know what you’re thinking!