Our Equipment and why

How do we use our film equipment? Since we started recording timelapse photography, we use and have used Canon DSLR cameras on almost every timelapse shoot that we do. From a 1300D to a 5D, all depending on the requirements of your project. Not only do these create films with a resolution of over 4K for our clients, but each image is captured in RAW format. This allows for a huge amount of control and flexibility in post production. Meaning we can grade and colour correct your film with incredible colour and style, that exactly fits your needs. The camera movement possibilites are endless, we use equipment such as sliders and 360 degree motion control equipment. This becomes even better when these processes are combined with the hyperlapse technique.


Film Equipment

The specifics

The Ramper Pro – For our sunset and sunrise shoots. We use advanced exposure ramping equipment to get a much more accurate end product, avoiding issues such as flicker which are sometimes found with this type of shooting.

Our range of lenses – We can never be sure exactly what each project will throw at you and may require on the day. Even after lots of planning, on the shoot day there may be another shot which requires a different style. So our employees always make sure to carry a range of lenses with us to each shoot.

Film Equipment


Canon 5D – The Timelapse Chaps first choice for shooting the majority of timelapse. The 5D has gone through many different weather conditions when shooting with us. A full frame camera that provides timelapse resolutions up to 4K (4096×2304).

Filters – By using ND filters, the Chaps can give the shot a slower shutter speed, creating a long exposure style image on the timelapse. Great for filming shots containing water or lots of cloud cover!

Let us know what you’ve got planned. We love the challenge of bringing the ideas for your film, onto screen exactly how you imagined them!

 So you have decided to go with some Timelapse on your production, now what are the next steps in our Timelapse Workflow?

Get in touch! – Drop us an email or a call, and we will have a chat about your needs. The subject, location and the length are the best starting point. We can then work out what we think would be the best process to capture this and work out a quote for you! Timelapse jobs are never the same, so we will break down all the costs and stages of your production to give you a variety of options to suit your production budget.

Editing software

The Location – Most of the time, and if reasonably local, we like to visit site beforehand to check what we are working with. We will look for high points that may be helpful to shoot from, whether these are landscapes or structures, they could be helpful! We are also looking for any areas that we may need permission to shoot.

Shooting times – Calculating how long we will need to shoot a timelapse is not easy, but is a key part of our workflow. Normally the situation, weather and subject decide how long the shoot will be. We just carry on until we have what we need (plus a little more!). But we will be able to give you an indication of how long we will need.


Planning the shoot!


The Kit – The Timelapse Chaps have a variety of equipment that we are able to deploy on any project. Including from weather proof fixed cameras, DSLR cameras used to created Hyperlapse, motion control timelapse and anything along those lines. We have sliders, 360 control equipment and lenses ranging from 10mm to 300mm!

Post Production – Once we have been through everything with you, come up with a plan of action and actually got all the shots that we need for your production, we will move onto the edit, the final step in the timelapse workflow. We start with backing up all your footage as RAW files. We then move onto the editing of the individual photographs, bringing out all the detail and giving the image a colour grade. Adobe After Effects is then used to combine these into a timelapse, and finally Adobe Premiere Pro is used to edit all the shots into a short film for you to use. This is then uploaded to Vimeo for you to check, and once you are fully happy with the film a high definition version will be sent to you in online form, or on a drive / DVD on request.

Editing Software



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