Sunset and Sunrise Timelapse

Seen as one of the ultimate timelapse techniques. A perfect sunrise or sunset timelapse always captures the audiences eye and can be a great opening to a film or a standalone clip. Using accurate exposure ramping technology and a Cannon 5D with a full range of lenses, we can produce stunning sunset and sunrise shots for you.

The first step to a great shot of the sun is to think carefully about where you are shooting from, the direction of the shot, and possibly most importantly, what time do you start the timelapse? It’s very easy to just turn up to a shoot a few minutes before sunset and be too late! We will be there long before the shoot, taking test shots, scouting the area and making sure that we have the best possible location to get the shot.

After extensive planning and calculations, we will perform the shoot. Once we have the hundreds of photos, all backed up and ready to go, we will start to put a grade/colour correction on the shot. As we shoot in RAW quality, all the detail is retained no matter what you do to your image after the shoot.


Sunset in London!Why Sunset & Sunrises?

When done correclty, this type of timelapse can be visually amazing. All you need now is a fantastic sunrise or sunset and some Timelapse Chaps to get it all on film! Get in touch and we will talk you through it!



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