Short Term Time-Lapse

This is a general way of combining all the separate timelapse techniques. We will use all the methods that we see fit to create you a stunning recording of your project.

What do we film?

Whether it’s a festival set up, an event, sunsets and sunrises or regular visits to a construction site for various angles of Time Lapse photography, we can provide you with our reliable high definition Time Lapse photography service.

Short-Term Time-Lapse Camera

Why Timelapse?

Short term time lapse can be the perfect supplement to our fixed cameras that we offer over a number of years. We combine the footage from the main camera with the extra footage we capture to show the real detail of how a project is completed.

If you are combining short term  time lapse with one of our fixed long term cameras, this involves one of our team coming to the location at regular intervals and can be as regular as you like. Most of our clients choose monthly, but it really is up to whatever suits your needs.

The process and why use the Chaps!

The Timelapse Chaps will work with you right from the very start to come up with a suitable plan to capture the shot. Right down to meticulous planning of the location and the shoot time. Taking into account the weather and the style of shot that you require.

We use Canon DSLR cameras and a variety of lenses to suit whatever the needs of your project may be!

Over the years, we have used many different styles, including 360 Time-lapse, Hyper lapses and Day to Night Transitions and worked on hundreds of projects, across Europe and in Asia, from construction and demolition sites, to annual shows, events and music festivals.

Get in touch with us to hear about how this can work for you and we look forward to hearing about your projects!


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